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Welcome to Medallion Healthy Homes

Medallion Healthy Homes is dedicated to making every home, business, or property we serve a cleaner, greener, healthier environment through our expertise, products, and services.

Reasons to believe
  • Professional expertise and certifications in indoor air quality and mold inspection
  • Over 20 years’ experience in Chicagoland area; thousands of satisfied clients
  • Offering an array of products and services to address indoor environments—and the expertise to put them together

Breathe easy—Medallion Healthy Homes is here to help.

We’re passionate about making lives healthier, cleaner, and greener—one home or business at a time. Since 1995, we’ve helped thousands of Chicagoland home and business owners improve their indoor air quality, eradicate odors, remediate mold, and clean carpets, tile, flooring, and more.

We maintain professional certifications including:
  • ACAC—Certified Mold Inspector
  • Home Air Check Professional—Certified Air Quality Inspector
  • Member, Indoor Air Quality Association, Inc.