Deep Cleaning Specialists

Deep Cleaning Specialists Schaumburg, Arlington Heights and Elk Grove Village Illinois are your One Call, One Stop and Shop Cleaning Destination for insanely thorough, ceiling-to-floor deep cleaning services. We are better than a fleet of highly energized maids giddy from too much coffee during break time. Our cleaning experts arrive ready to work, and they begin with our finest quality micro fiber rags designed to pick up even minute specks of dirt, grime, dust and any other unwanted debris. Starting at the ceiling, our team gets even your light fixtures and ceiling fans shined to a spectacularly clean finish that will be favorably noticed instantly.

We serve a number of Illinois areas that include:

  • Schaumburg
  • Arlington Heights
  • St. Charles
  • Barrington
  • Palatine
  • Hoffman Estates
  • Mt. Prospect
  • Des Plaines
  • Bartlett
  • Elmhurst

Next, our deep cleaning specialists -(DCS) work hard and fast to scrub down all walls in your home or business. We even get inside your hard-to-reach cabinets, scour down and polish up your appliances and anything else normally attached to these now cleaner walls. We’ll get your counter tops sparkling, and we’ll even clean and sanitize your messy fridge – working inside to out. Imagine your kitchen looking like a showroom for a kitchen remodeling company. No mouse or insect will dare enter this newly cleansed area that should always remain the home’s hub of human connection.

If your wondering about your gritty floors, have no fear. We bring in our super powerful HEPA vacuum to literally pick up anything while leaving your floors looking beautiful again. Our team tackles any tough cleaning jobs with the enthusiasm and commitment of an Olympian cleaning team should they every need one. When our tireless deep cleaning crew is finished, you might feel like awarding someone a gold medal. Our cleaning experts miss nothing, not even those tiny dust particles that your pickiest client or nosiest mother-in-law always seems to point out. When our cleaning team is done – it is really done.

Our impressive cleaning services even includes a deep down cleansing of your entire bathroom areas. Sinks and tubs will shine, and floors will be gorgeous. Tile and grout will look brand new again. Even the air will smell and be absolutely clean. Who doesn’t want a bathroom than not only smells fresh, it is fresh? All of those germs, dirt and dust particles known to cause lung irritations are all gone. Our method of deep cleaning doesn’t just hide bad odors or dirt, it eradicates them at their source. Your building will have better air quality after our DCS are through.

Call our number for our remarkably effective residential home or commercial business environmental cleaning and inspection services. We can find and eliminate dangerous and bothersome molds or other unwanted odors. We use proven techniques, innovative equipment and add our boundless cleaning energy to remove all signs of mold or mildew found anywhere within your residential home or business structure. Our team uses safe and fast methods to clear not only the mold, we remove those airborne microscopic mold spores as well. Our specialized deep cleaning services helps to keep your families, clients or employees safe by ensuring that the environment that they spend time in is completely clean top-to-bottom.

Our outstanding cleaning services are terrific for residential homes, apartments and condos. We are also an excellent choice for realtors that desire a complete home or building cleaning before an open house or a tenant move in date. Our team can get the job completed, so your time can be spent on selling the property. We specialize in making home and business environments look good as new. Call our team for mold or odor removal services. We perform complete environmental inspections that include mold and mildew problems. We can assure that potential new home or business owners will only see the assets of your beautiful property listing and never the dirt and grime that previous owners or tenants left behind.

Our safe and deep down cleaning services are ideal for nursing homes and assistant living facilities. We understand that older individuals are more prone to having weaker immune systems and more potential breathing difficulties. Our cleaning services can actually make the air cleaner and better. By eliminating dust and other particles, the air becomes less irritating to sensitive lungs or individuals prone to environmental allergies. Our methods neutralize odors at their original source.

Try our all-in-one cleaning service for your office building. Instead of dealing with a carpet cleaning business, an office maid service and a duct cleaner company, call in our combined service team that can handle all of your office cleaning needs.

We are Medallion Healthy Homes Environmental Services and Inspections – Your One Call, One Stop and Shop Cleaning Destination. Find superb Deep Cleaning Specialists, Mold and Odor Removal Schaumburg, Arlington Heights and Elk Grove Village Illinois at Call 847-697-5780 for details.

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