EMF Protection

Protect yourself from this danger and restore a 100% natural state to your high-tech environment with Memon® Environmental Technology. We offer Memon® bionic products that neutralize a variety of EMF sources, making your high-tech environment safe and pure.


EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Protection

Modern technology—our smartphones, our wireless Internet access, and more—makes connection and productivity possible on a level we’ve never before experienced. Yet, the electro-magnetic fields (EMF) emitted by these technologies pose an invisible and very real threat to the natural biological makeup of our cells.

Memonizer for the home and workplace

Neutralize EMF indoors for a cleaner, green workplace and home

  • memonizerCOMBI: neutralizes negative information from low and high-frequency EMF sources and reduces fine dust in the air
  • memonizerWORKSTATION: single-station, simple plug-in solution for cleaner office environment
  • memonizerHEATING: neutralizes EMF in any heating system
  • memonizerSOLAR: harness solar power without added radiation; for all photovoltaic systems

Memonizer for food and water

Pure and natural—from the inside out

  • memonizerFOOD: preserve the natural quality of nourishing food and minimize harmful efforts of processing; simply put food on the car for 4 minutes
  • memonizerWATER: purifies and freshens drinking water
  • memonizerPOOL: purifies and improves quality for pools, spas, and baths

Memonizer on-the-go

Protect yourself wherever you go

  • memonizerMOBILE: neutralizes EMF from your smartphone, giving you peace of mind
  • memonizerBLUETOOTH: protects you while you use wireless technology, such as headsets, tablets, game pads and controllers, baby monitors, and more
  • memonizerBODY: adjustable silicone bracelet protects you from power lines, WiFi, cell phone signals, and other outdoor radiation
  • memonizerCAR: negates EMF in your vehicle, reduces its fine particulate dust, and leaves you feeling refreshed even after long rides

Reduce stress, improve well-being

Our array of Memonizer products ensures you spend the majority of your time in a harmonious, natural space—ultimately reducing your stress and improving your health and well-being. All products are:

  • Easy-to-install
  • Maintenance-free
  • Use no energy
  • Have a working lifespan of 20 years

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Educate Yourself, Protect Yourself

Concerned about the effects of wireless networks and EMF? Want to know more?

Let us help you select the best Memon® products for your needs.

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