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Mold Testing

We are the #1 Professional Certified Mold Testing Specialists in the Chicago area, who have been in business over 20 years.


Mold can be a nightmare for a lot of people. When indoor mold spores are present in larger quantities then outside spore counts, it could present serious health hazards, potentially causing allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and other health complications. Mold growth in your home is not only a sign that excessive moisture may be damaging your house, but it’s also evidence of a potential health threat for your family, friends or employees.

Fight back against these dangers with help from our professional mold inspection & testing company.

We are one of the only Professional Certified Mold testing experts in the Chicago area, who has been in business over 20 years. Our certifications also show that we have the most current methods and knowledge for testing mold in a safe, effective manner. Our certified mold inspectors thoroughly observe the mold suspect area, non-suspected areas and an outside mold baseline for proper comparison. 

We can also take samples of several surfaces in the building, including supports, foundation, and wall interior. When we take mold samples, they are then sent to a third-party lab to see what species of mold we are dealing with.

You’ll find out that we are the best at identifying mold in its natural state.

We are uniquely able to walk you through the entire process, making sure to answer any questions you have, keeping you safe, and maintaining high quality standards from beginning to completion. Give us a call today to set up your Hassle-Free, no pressure Consultation!

Reasons To Call Us Right Now!

Medallion Healthy Homes can improve your indoor air quality immensely. Reach out for a free phone consultation if:
• You’ve noticed a strange odor—and you can’t pinpoint the source.
• Your kids or pets are getting sick.
• You’re not feeling well, and you feel better when you leave your house or business.
• You’re renovating, remodeling, or moving into a new home, and want to ensure your indoor environment is as healthy as it can be.

Tests—and solutions

We can test for a variety of indoor environmental pollutants. Here’s how our process works:
• We visit your home or office to take air samples.
• We also inspect the premises for obvious culprits.
• We then send your samples to a lab and, once we have a report back, we go over the results with you.
• We provide detailed, actionable solutions you can use right away.



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