Indoor Odor Removal

Eliminate unpleasant smells and harmful odors with our simple, powerful and safe sanitizing and deodorizing system.


Remove odors, germs, and contaminants—without harsh chemicals

Our advanced system works to remove harmful germs, odors, allergens, and other indoor contaminants —

without harsh toxic chemicals, fragrances, or harmful residues. Even delicate surfaces and sensitive heating and cooling systems can be sanitized.

Odor Elimination—Guaranteed!

We’re able to neutralize a range of unpleasant smells and foul odors so you can breathe easy once more. We can eradicate smoke odors, mold and mildew, rotten smells, skunk spray, bodily fluids, animal feces, cooking odors and more—guaranteed.

Ideal For Residential & Commercial Use

Our system is safe and effective for both residential and commercial use. Whatever the problem is, you can be confident we’ve seen it before and that we’ll be expert in addressing it. Our system also works wonders for a range of high-traffic, high-demand businesses.

Our exclusive odor elimination system will permanently remove all odors like no one else can. We took a system that was already working adequately and spent thousands to improve on it. The exclusive odor elimination system I’m talking about is our “Miracle Vapor Gassing System Process”. Our process has four exclusive parts to it, and CLO2 or Chlorine Dioxide is the “MIRACLE” part of our process.

Most people that I talk with have never heard of Chlorine Dioxide. People often think it’s bleach, (which is NsCIO or Sodium Hypochlorite) I even thought it was bleach when I first learned about this powerful, safe, odor killing product. Like bleach, Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) is also used as a sanitizing and bleaching agent. But unlike bleach, Chlorine Dioxide is very safe to use, and Chlorine Dioxide will not leave any toxic residue. Our product produces a dense vaporous gas that is attracted to the odor particles, disintegrates them and leaves only a trace of biodegradable residue, or “salts”. Chlorine Dioxide gas has a short life span, it does its job by oxidizing the odor and then becomes a harmless salt. By the way, you can’t see our feel this salt. It’s like living at the beach with salt in the air.

This really is a miracle odor eliminator. CLO2 can be in a liquid or a gas and it’s used as an antiseptic in a lot of areas. Hospitals have been using it to keep their water system free of bacteria and to clean the camera the camera scopes used for endoscopies and colonoscopies. Our process along with Chlorine dioxide gas or liquid will greatly reduce bacteria, viruses and inactivate those elevated molds that are so resistant to so many treatments. “Indoor Elevated Mold Spores” can cause a lot of respiratory issues, everything from severe sinus infections to severe lung disease, to triggering asthma and allergies.

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We Provide Odor Removal Services To:

Residential Homes, Real Estate Agents, Auto Dealerships, Athletic Facitilies, Daycare Centers, Healthcare Facilities, Public Vechicle Fleets

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Clean, healthy, odor-free homes and businesses

Odor removal is just one component of a clean, healthy home or business environment.

Let us help you eliminate harmful or persistent odors, guaranteed.